May 21, 2013

The most powerful speech I’ve ever heard from Angela Davis.  She’s holding up the incredibly legacy of Miss Major, Eric A Stanley, Cece McDonald, Dean Spade, Beth Ritchie, The Transgender Gender Variant & Intersex Justice Project (TGIJP), disability justice and trans women of color activism!

also critiquing the equality movement.

and assata:

"At this moment I am not so concerned about myself. Everybody has to die sometime, and all i want to is to go with dignity. i am more concerned about the growing poverty, the growing despair that is rife in amerikkka. i am more concerned about our younger generations who represent our future. i am more concerned about the rise of the prison industrial complex that is turning our people into slaves again. i am more concerned about the repression, the police brutality, violence, the rising wave of racism that makes up the political landscape of the US today.  our young people deserve a future and i consider it the mandate of my ancestors to be a part of the struggle to ensure that they have one!"



June 11, 2012
Queering Prison Abolition, Now?

must read article by Captive Genders co-editor Eric A Stanley & Normal Life author Dean Spade!