October 4, 2013
Queer Dreams and Nonprofit Blues: Dilemmas of the Nonprofit Tradition in LGBT Politics

I’ll be joining a long list of brilliant people speaking at this two day conference, including my SRLP co-workers & members Elana Redfield, Gabriel Foster, Dean Spade my Captive Genders friend Eric A Stanley and my sibling Che Gossett!  

The event is free to attend, if you’re in the area check it out!

August 4, 2013
"For all the names I have gathered here whose brutal ends must compel us to act. And for all those whose names are beyond our knowing."

the always brilliant Eric A Stanley from the dedication of Eric’s mind blowing dissertation Queer Remains: Insurgent Feelings & The Aesthetics of Violence.


June 5, 2013

Imagining Queer Justice: Prison Abolition and LGBT Hate Crime Legislation

Thanks to Margot Weiss, I got to present about imagination, trans liberation, and Marsha P Johnson with my two of my favorite people Captive Genders co-editor Eric A Stanley and Against Equality writer Ryan Conrad last month at Wesleyan.  

check it out here!


May 21, 2013

The most powerful speech I’ve ever heard from Angela Davis.  She’s holding up the incredibly legacy of Miss Major, Eric A Stanley, Cece McDonald, Dean Spade, Beth Ritchie, The Transgender Gender Variant & Intersex Justice Project (TGIJP), disability justice and trans women of color activism!

also critiquing the equality movement.

and assata:

"At this moment I am not so concerned about myself. Everybody has to die sometime, and all i want to is to go with dignity. i am more concerned about the growing poverty, the growing despair that is rife in amerikkka. i am more concerned about our younger generations who represent our future. i am more concerned about the rise of the prison industrial complex that is turning our people into slaves again. i am more concerned about the repression, the police brutality, violence, the rising wave of racism that makes up the political landscape of the US today.  our young people deserve a future and i consider it the mandate of my ancestors to be a part of the struggle to ensure that they have one!"



April 8, 2013
Save The Date! I’ll be joining my Captive Genders editor Eric A Stanley & Ryan Conrad at Wesleyan on Friday April 26th to imagine queer and trans resistance to the prison industrial complex! If you are in town please join us, its free!

Save The Date! I’ll be joining my Captive Genders editor Eric A Stanley & Ryan Conrad at Wesleyan on Friday April 26th to imagine queer and trans resistance to the prison industrial complex! If you are in town please join us, its free!

August 20, 2012

must watch video of “Gender and the PIC” panel at the Law and Disorder conference in Portland, OR with Ralowe T. Ampu, Vikki Law, Dean Spade and Eric Stanley.

June 3, 2012
CRIMINAL QUEERS comes to the New Museum in NYC! “Jeannine Tang and Reina Gossett with Eric Stanley and Chris Vargas: Love Revolution, Not State Collusion”

hey NYC area friends!

i’m doing another event at the New Museum this coming Thursday and I would love for you to be there!  it will feature two amazing artists, Chris Vargas & Eric A Stanley, who will screen their prison break film, CRIMINAL QUEERS!

Jeannine Tang & I will moderate the conversation, it should be great. 

did i mention its free? it is *free!*

here’s the full description, i hope to see you there!

Thursday June 7, 2012, 7:30 pm

New Museum Theater



As transgender issues, artists, and theory have received greater recognition in contemporary art discourses and institutions since the 2000s, activist Reina Gossett, art historian Jeannine Tang will discuss the role of art and artists in recent movement building, and how contemporary art figures in critical trans politics today.

This will feature a screening of the film “Criminal Queers,” followed by a conversation with filmmakers Eric A. Stanley and Chris Vargas.

”Criminal Queers” visualizes a radical trans/queer struggle against the prison industrial complex and toward a world without walls.

Remembering that prison breaks are both a theoretical and material practice of freedom, this film imagines what spaces might be opened up if crowbars, wigs, and metal files become tools for transformation.

By expropriating the “prison break” genre the question of form and content collapse into a rhythm of affective histories as images of possibility materializes even after possibility itself is foreclosed.

Follow Yoshi, Joy, Susan and Lucy as they fiercely read everything from the Human Rights Campaign and hate crimes legislation to the non-profitization of social movements. Criminal Queers grows our collective liberation by working to abolish the multiple ways our hearts, genders, and desires are confined.

This event is supported by the New Museum, Sylvia Rivera Law Project, and the Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice. 

A parallel conversation on recent organizing and movement building will be hosted by Sylvia Rivera Law Project on Friday, June 8 at 6pm.

Reina Gossett is a trans activist working at the Sylvia Rivera Law Project as Director of Membership and was formerly director of the Welfare Organizing Project at Queers for Economic Justice as well as a Soros Justice Fellow on staff at Critical Resistance.

Eric A. Stanley works at the intersections of radical trans/queer aesthetics, theories of state violence, and visual culture. While completing a PhD in the History of Consciousness department at UCSC, Eric along with Chris Vargas, directed the films Homotopia (2006) and Criminal Queers (2012) which have been screened at Palais de Tokyo, LACE, Centre for Contemporary Arts Glasgow and SF Cameraworks among numerous other venues. Eric is also the editor of Captive Genders: Trans Embodiment and the Prison Industrial Complex (AK Press, 2011) which was recenlty selected as a finalist for a Lambda Literary Award. 

Jeannine Tang is an art historian teaching as Academic Advisor at the Center for Curatorial Studies, Bard College, while completing her doctoral work at the Courtauld Institute of Art.

Chris E. Vargas is a film and video maker based in Oakland, CA, whose thematic interests include queer radicalism, transgender hirstory, and imperfect role models. He earned his MFA in Art Practice from the University of California, Berkeley, in 2011. Since 2008, he has been making, in collaboration with Greg Youmans, the web-based trans/cisgender sitcom Falling In Love…with Chris and Greg. Episodes of the series have screened at numerous film festivals and art venues, including MIX NYC, SF Camerawork, and the Tate Modern. With Eric Stanley, Vargas co-directed the movie Homotopia (2006) and its feature-length sequel Criminal Queers (2012). His solo video projects include Extraordinary Pregnancies (2010), Liberaceón (2011), and ONE for all… (2012).

During the run of the exhibition “Museum as Hub: Carlos Motta: We Who Feel Differently,” Motta invites local queer artists, activists, and academics to hold public events on select Thursday evenings in the Museum as Hub. Events include a conversation about transgender issues in contemporary art, a lecture on queer and feminist theologies, a workshop on HIV/AIDS activism today, a “cruising” walk, a presentation of a book about queer responses to gay inclusion in the military, and a collective reading of queer texts, all of which address critical issues of contemporary queer culture in the United States.