March 31, 2014
“I Use My Love to Guide Me”: Surviving and Thriving in the Face of Impossible Situations

Check out the first in a series of video interviews between CeCe McDonald, Dean Spade and myself leading up to our in person conversation April 21st the New School!

February 26, 2014
Trans Liberation on the Rise: V-Day Protest, Cece McDonald on Democracy Now! and Part 2 of No One is Disposable - Reina Gossett

Some reflections on the recent increased visibility of movements for gender determination and trans liberation!

February 2, 2014
No One is Disposable: Everyday Practices of Prison Abolition Reina Gossett and Dean Spade '97 FEB 7, 2014 | 4:00PM Online at Co-Sponsors: Sylvia Rivera Law Project

On February 7th at 4PM EST please join me for an online discussion based on these a series of videos I made with Dean about prisons, Trans & gnc communities, the moral panic around psychiatric disabilities and where to go from here!

Register today and join us for this exciting experiment in creating online learning spaces that contribute to activist conversations.

August 22, 2013
Chelsea Manning and the realities for transgender and gender non-conforming people in prison, jails and detention centers. | SRLP (Sylvia Rivera Law Project)

from SRLP on Chelsea Manning, the realities trans & gnc people have to navigate daily while incarcerated and how we can support people on the inside!

July 8, 2013
Jobs & Internships - SRLP (Sylvia Rivera Law Project)

come work with me supporting liberation & gender self determination!

June 5, 2013

Imagining Queer Justice: Prison Abolition and LGBT Hate Crime Legislation

Thanks to Margot Weiss, I got to present about imagination, trans liberation, and Marsha P Johnson with my two of my favorite people Captive Genders co-editor Eric A Stanley and Against Equality writer Ryan Conrad last month at Wesleyan.  

check it out here!


May 31, 2013
Why Tumblr Is Perfect For The Trans Community

I got some tumblr love from Thomas Page McBee of Buzzfeed today alongside some brilliant other tumblr blogs like @brooklynboihood and @thetestshot! check out the piece here! 

May 21, 2013

The most powerful speech I’ve ever heard from Angela Davis.  She’s holding up the incredibly legacy of Miss Major, Eric A Stanley, Cece McDonald, Dean Spade, Beth Ritchie, The Transgender Gender Variant & Intersex Justice Project (TGIJP), disability justice and trans women of color activism!

also critiquing the equality movement.

and assata:

"At this moment I am not so concerned about myself. Everybody has to die sometime, and all i want to is to go with dignity. i am more concerned about the growing poverty, the growing despair that is rife in amerikkka. i am more concerned about our younger generations who represent our future. i am more concerned about the rise of the prison industrial complex that is turning our people into slaves again. i am more concerned about the repression, the police brutality, violence, the rising wave of racism that makes up the political landscape of the US today.  our young people deserve a future and i consider it the mandate of my ancestors to be a part of the struggle to ensure that they have one!"



May 8, 2013
Help Support Egyptt! Please Signal Boost


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Dear Friends & Community, 

We are writing to let you know of a community member who needs support after going through a major health crisis. Many of you know Egyptt, a long time activist and advocate for low income, trans communities of color. 

Egyptt was formerly co-coordinator of Trans Justice at the Audre Lorde Project. Prior to her work at ALP she was a crucial member of the Queers for Economic Justice Welfare Warriors group where she lead the way fighting transphobia within New York City’s welfare agency: the Human Resources Administration. Because of Egyptt’s work NYC’s Human Resources Administration has adopted its first ever transgender non discrimination policy, which Egyptt helped implement through many trainings of New York City employees.


Additionally Egyptt has been a long time advocate at Housing Works advocating to have New York State pass the Gender Employment Non Discrimination Act (GENDA). She is also a brilliant performer, frequently showcasing her talent at the Housing Works fashion shows and many Trans Day of Remembrance events. Egyptt is now unemployed and has lost her apartment in Harlem. 

We are turning to you, our community, to support Egyptt as she navigates this challenging moment. We want to raise 10,000 for Egyptt to get back some of what she has lost in the last few months. She needs resources to get back into housing, to replace lost possessions, and to cover outstanding healthcare costs. 

With deep appreciation, 
Reina Gossett, Pooja Gehi, & Dean Spade

April 30, 2013
Holding Space for Cemia Dove’s death

Holding space for Cemia Dove who was found murdered in the waters of Cleveland…

and the many black trans women who are found murdered after having to navigate their survival being criminalized.

from Gay Star News

“In the past, [Cemia Dove] had clashed with police and the courts over her wish to be treated as a woman.

In January 2012, a judge found her guilty of possessing dangerous drugs after Acoff pleaded no contest.

These drugs included hormones used to boost oestrogen in women. She was fined $1000 (€768) and sentenced to 100 days in jail.

A year before, Acoff was fined $100 (€77) after being found guilty of failing to pay a fare and telling officers she was a woman.”