June 14, 2012
About Intro 475 city hall photo with Sylvia Rivera, Marsha P.Johnson, Kady Vandeurs, Barbara Deming, etc…




thank you for the memory of Sylvia R. & Marsha J. I can tell you for sure, though, that Kady was a friend oh Marsha, and didnot vote against support for queer and trans street folk. Kady was a student & cab driver at the stonewall time, and often gave free lifts to Marsha and other queer and trans folk. Kady was queer and poor and radical herself, and did all she could do to help other [particularly] poor folk. Thanks and cheers to you from Diana Jo Davies. [ps. I took the photo at City Hall.]


Hi Diana Davies,


What an honor it is to have you on this blog! Thank you for writing me and sharing your deep insight.  Also thank you for the incredibly rich archive you have created and so generously shared with the world, I am sure you hear this all the time but your work has been incredibly meaningful to me as both an activist and artist. I believe your archive has been fundamental in this moment of renewed & on going interest in the lives of many queer and trans people, especially Sylvia Rivera and Marsha P Johnson.


I’ll definitely amend the photo description, and its great to know more about Kady Vandeurs!  Just to clarify, when I wrote “Sadly some of these fab folks then got the bill passed by bumping off coverage of gender identity” I wasn’t saying Barbara Deming, Kady Vandeurs were responsible, I was referring to the way that it actually ended up getting passed through negotiation of eliminating gender expression/identity coverage from the bill.  Sylvia talked a lot about it and the collusion of some prominent lesbian & gay people with it, for instance Jean O’Leary & the Lesbian Feminist Liberation.  Here is one speech Sylvia gave about how the bill was passed: http://redalyc.uaemex.mx/pdf/377/37719106.pdf


with deep appreciation,